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We - stronger together eV  - are very emotional about the war because of our Ukrainian roots. That is why it is not possible for us to look away. Even the rescue of one individual means a lot to us. So we want to do our bit, but we can't do it alone. Your help is needed here. Regardless of whether you are originally from the Ukraine or want to support innocent people, you can feel safe with your donations with us. Together we can do great things to make this difficult time a little easier for people.

Thomas Hartmann,

"I know the Ukraine and have family and acquaintances there. My goal is to make a contribution with this association to alleviate the current need and to help in the long term so that the chances of this courageous and friendly people improve."

Nataliya Shevchenko
deputy board member

"I grew up in the Soviet Union and Kyiv is my birthplace. Many Ukrainians are faced with the ruins of their existence. We want to help create perspectives and provide concrete support where it is most needed."

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